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Terms and Conditions

1. If you do not get your product then you do not pay for it. The ONLY exception is when you do not claim your package from the mail carrier or your local Post Office.

2. Shipping charges are refunded as well as product cost.

3. We can only ship to customers provided that the product was purchased for personal use and does not exceed a 3 month supply. It's up to you to verify with your country's import regulations regarding health products before purchasing from us.

4. The buyer accepts full liability for the use of all products and services supplied by tevaviagra. The buyer vows they will only use products under the guidance of their physician.

5. The buyer confirms they are of legal age.

6. The buyer makes a solemn pledge that they hold tevaviagra free of any and all legal action and prosecution. This includes any entrapment procedures that may be perpetrated by law enforcement and government agents and their agencies.

7. Our shipping times vary. Delivery time can depend on various factors beyond our control, such as postal service efficiency, customs clearance, and international transit; no delivery times are guaranteed.

8. The buyer must wait for a period of 30 days after the ship date indicated on the dispatch note. In the event of a claim under the registered service, the tracking process can take up to 2 weeks, whereupon a confirmed mailing loss will result in the products being shipped for a second and final time.

9. In the event of the products being detained by foreign customs, the buyer must provide evidence to tevaviagra for their confirmation of importation. In such an event the buyer should contact tevaviagra before committing to any course of action, including the return of any products or counter charge through your credit card bank. If the products are retained by customs, the loss lies with the buyer. In the event that the products are returned by customs, then when the products are received at tevaviagra they may be reshipped again, or are subject to a product credit or refund.

10. If the buyer wishes to return products for any reason: Providing the products are sent by the buyer within 30 days of receipt and received by tevaviagra in a good, unopened, resalable condition, a full refund may be issued.

11. If tevaviagra has shipped the wrong products, or products have arrived in a damaged condition due to incorrect packaging. The package and products must be returned to tevaviagra for inspection (contact tevaviagra before undertaking any action). If the fault is identified tevaviagra will either reship or grant a full refund.

12. Notify us directly and not your credit card company in case you desire to make a claim. We can not grant a refund if you first make a claim directly with your credit card company. There will be a $50 charge for all chargebacks declared by you if not first attempted to be resolved by tevaviagra.

13. tevaviagra reserves the right to alter shipment methods or to refuse orders as it sees fit. If an order is refused prior to shipment, a refund will be issued.

14. Other conditions that are not covered in these Terms and Conditions will be decided by tevaviagra, and that decision will be final. tevaviagra terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

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