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7 Day Cleanse

7 Day Cleanse

7 Day Cleanse (supplement) aids in constipation, excess gas, and cramping.


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BEFORE YOU BUY: Please read the indications and interactions for this product. More information can be found at this link.

Drug Information

Manufacturer: Vitabase
Chemical Name: supplement

Do you suffer from constipation, unexplainable weight gain, or fatigue? Your problems could be related to the health of your colon. The job of the colon is to absorb all the essential nutrients from your food and eliminate the waste from the body. Unfortunately over time the colon builds up waste and toxins which can hinder nutrient absorption as well as waste elimination. Did you know that the average person can have 5-25 lbs of waste accumulated in their colon? This buildup of waste in our bodies can hinder nutrient absorption and result in the absorption of toxins which can lead to numerous health issues including fatigue, gastrointestinal irregularities and more. Nutritional supplementation may be useless until the colon is cleansed. 7 Day Colon Cleanse is a seven day all natural colon cleanse that will help cleanse the intestinal system and restore regularity. We recommend doing a 7 day cleanse once or twice per year.

Our 7 Day Cleanse is high in fiber (Psyllium) and natural laxatives (cascara sagrada, cape aloe, and senna). In addition Fennel Seed is included for its properties of helping to relieve intestinal cramping and gas. African Bird Pepper is used to help sooth indigestion and to reduce inflammation.

No other colon cleanse is as complete and as affordable. Why not try the Vitabase 7 Day Colon Cleanse today and begin the road to improved health?

More Information
More information about 7 Day Cleanse can be found at this link.

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